Setting/up/mqTrains LCD?

When you power up an mqTrains module, on first power up, it will create an access point (AP) mqTrains-0001 and you can use your computer, phone or tablet to connect to it…you then proceed to with your browser to get to the web page to configure it, and when you are successful in configuring your SSID, WepKey, MQTT’s IP Address and the base topic to subscribe too, it will reboot, connect to your WiFi router, connect to the MQTT broker (server) and publish the IP address of the module to with "/baseTopic/IPA is here!", and now you know where to find the web page again to configure the servos and I/O as you need. The AP will turn off once the module publish the IPA message. Next power cycle AP on again and off when IPA is published. So you have a way to reconnect to it on power up. But, if you don’t have a way to see the MQTT messages easily, we just added and tested a very inexpensive SSD1306 OLED LCD module (also explained in a Random Nerd Tutorial here). So consider having one or two LCDs handy to monitor your first mqTrains device: